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Industry Experience

See below for a list of relevant ventures/firms for which I have worked, along with a brief description of my role while at that organization

Related Sciences

Business development consultant for a data-driven biotechnology venture creation firm. Aided with knowledge management & transfer.

(Fully remote workplace–I worked remotely from Madison, WI)

RS Madison map.png
Flagship Cambridge Green map.png

Flagship Pioneering & Cobalt Biomedicine

Conducted competitive landscape analysis for VL39, a biotech startup. Became full-time research assistant. Lit. review of technical process for cell disruption. Performed and analyzed experiments for the process development. Merged with Sana Biotechnology in 2018.

Plume Labs

Mechanical Engineering at a venture-backed early-stage company (all business documents and verbal communication in French). Placed in charge of research and development of a miniaturized particulate matter sensor. Created a research database, design guidelines, and an α-prototype of the sensor. Designed, conducted, and analyzed experiments to validate the functionality of an alpha prototype. Formulated design specifications and prototyped a casing for a portable air pollution device.

Plume France map.png

Goldman Sachs

Summer Analyst in Investment Banking Department (IBD) in the Mergers & Acquisition Group. Gathered and synthesized financial information on various merger and acquisition deals covered by Goldman Sachs. Put together presentations on shareholder activism activity in the marketplace. Conducted research project regarding a significant incidence of shareholder activism and its potential effects on Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs NYC.png
BodyMedia Pittsburgh Green map.png

Body Media (Acquired by Jawbone)

Developed prototype verification and validation testing protocols; physically tested production run devices; conducted performance qualifications for relocated manufacturing equipment, and assisted in equipment vendors receiving proper program information.

Academic Experience

See below for a description of academic experiences to date

Academic Positions

Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Organizational Behavior and Theory


Instructor of Entrepreneurship & Provost Fellow



PhD in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University

Reading Committee: Charles Eesley, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Riitta Katila

MS in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University

Advisor: Charles Eesley

BS in Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advisor: Ken Kamrin

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