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Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship



Dr. Carrington Motley

Personal Website

Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School of Business

My research lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship, strategy, and organizations research, focusing on how entrepreneurs create successful ventures. I am especially interested in how entrepreneurs manage change and learn from failure and success.

What Do I Do?

Academic Research

I am interested in understanding the factors that influence entrepreneurial performance
(focus on learning from negative feedback / failure)

Industry Partnerships

I am always looking for more opportunities to work with organizations involved in "doing entrepreneurship"

Startups, VC firms, Accelerators, etc.

Teaching Courses

I teach entrepreneurship courses to undergraduates majors from across CMU
(business, engineers, fine arts)

Research Highlights

Born Into Chaos

D. Carrington Motley, Charles Eesley, Wesley Koo

Published in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Recent Press


Tepper School of Business Press

Tepper news story publicizing Carrington's article in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal titled "Born Into Chaos"

Tepper School of Business Press


Tepper School of Business Press

Tepper press release provides a brief bio for Carrington Motley as part of the new faculty introductions for the CMU Tepper School of Business.

Tepper School of Business Press


Stanford eCorner Article

Online article discusses the key takeaways from a pre-print version of "Born Into Chaos" Carrington's recently published article in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Stanford eCorner Article


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

Newspaper article provides a 10,000ft view of Carrington's background. It discusses Carrington and his sister and their trajectory from growing up in Pittsburgh to both pursuing advanced degrees at Stanford University.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article
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